Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose IONIC?

IONIC is distilled using only the highest quality ingredients and methods. We use only 100% organic flower grown without chemicals or pesticides. Our oil is extracted using only pure super-critical CO2. A luxurious blend handcrafted and 3 times filtered for extra purity. Our extra attention to detail and quality gives IONIC its distinctive flavor and clarity.

Why Disposable?

IONIC disposable vaporizers are an elegant and convenient cannabis oil delivery system. Ready to use directly out of the package. No filling or charging is required. The IONIC Ultra Premium Disposable Vaporizer is an easy to use and discreet way for enjoying cannabis oil. Easy to carry for enjoyment anywhere. The IONIC disposable vaporizer is recyclable and can be returned to your local retailer for a discount toward your next purchase.

There Isn't Much Vapor, Is It Working Properly?

The IONIC Ultra Premium Vaporizer is designed to be a smokeless device and is guaranteed for a minimum of 75 puffs at 10-second intervals. Avoid leaving the device in cold environments, as it is possible for the oil to thicken in low temperatures, thus lessening the efficiency of the vaporizer. The device will still produce vapor, but is designed to be discreet.

How Does It Work?

After the IONIC disposable vaporizer is removed from its package, gently tug the tab labeled 'Pull'. This tab insures the vaporizer is new. Once the pull tab has been removed the vaporizer will activate. Enjoy IONIC by simply puffing on the vaporizer. The diamond tip will illuminate red for approximately 10 seconds while the vaporizer is being puffed on, after which it will blink and time out the battery. This timer is a safety feature to insure the device does not overheat.

I'm Not Feeling Much Of An Effect, Am I Doing Something Wrong?

The IONIC disposable vaporizer is designed to elegantly deliver. We have sought to create a convenient way to remain active and engaged while still using the products you love. Our blended oil delivers a clean and comfortable level of enjoyment with a simple and effective delivery method.

Why Is It Hard To Puff Sometimes?

If the vaporizer is stored in lower temperatures, the viscosity of the oil will alter, causing a temporary change in functionality. If this happens, allow the vaporizer to sit in a warm place for about an hour, or, puff on the device 5-10 times in order to heat the oil to its correct temperature and viscocity.